Above the Line: The Visionaries Creating a Lineless Future

Março 22, 2017

To be a visionary is to defy limits, cross borders, break rules – to erase lines. It is this passion that drives pioneers to the brink of what is possible and then launches them over that frontier. Some push themselves beyond physical limits, others seek to surpass visual or sensorial boundaries. La Prairie explores the inspiring work and accomplishments of some ground-breaking trailblazers who are forging a path toward a lineless future.

Hiroshi Nakamura & NAP Architects, Ribbon Chapel, 2014.
Photo courtesy: Koji Fujii / Nacasa & Partners Inc

Hiroshi Nakamura & NAP Architects

Nature is a primary influence on the work of Tokyo-based architect Hiroshi Nakamura, which may be the reason so many of his buildings blur the lines between home and habitat. Nakamura’s contemporary, fluid designs feature stunning concepts that artfully integrate exterior spaces, erasing the line to the outside world. To wit, the Ribbon Chapel in Hiroshima, a mesmerising structure featuring two intertwining, spiral staircases that lead to spectacular views of the Seto Island Sea.

Photo courtesy: © 2012, Nicolas Jutzi

Nathalie Brugger

The horizon is always out of reach, forever distancing itself. For Nathalie Brugger, the most experienced and successful Swiss Olympic female sailor, it is a line to erase as she glides over it in her high-speed catamaran. Named Swiss Woman Sailor of the Year in 2008, Nathalie smooths the line between ocean and sky with her swiftly curving sails and unwavering determination.

Photo courtesy: Copyright © 1997-2014 Sophie Cook Porcelain

Sophie Cook

It is hard to resist the urge to run a hand down the side of one of Sophie Cook’s ceramic sculptures. The British artist is famed for her perfectly smooth vessels in organic shapes that echo teardrops and pods. Celebrated for their harmonious, balanced curves unmarked by harsh lines, they feature in the permanent collections of the Geffrye Museum and the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts. Sophie throws four pieces a day, driven by passion for sensual, lineless surfaces.

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